As it has become a tradition, the Charité Eye Clinic celebrated a day to speak about the current basic and clinical research carried over the last few months. The topic this time, inflammation in the eye, was chosen due to the relevance of inflammation in many important eye disease, such as diabetic retinopathy or age-related macula degeneration, two leading causes of blindness in the Western countries.


Revammad was present through Sergio Crespo-Garcia, who was invited to present his most preliminary data on experimental diabetic retinopathy. Inflammation in the retina plays a fundamental role tightly related with vascular disease and neuropathies.


The public consisted of members of the clinic, pharmaceutic representatives, and friends and relatives, gathering together over 30 attendees.



Sergio Crespo, visiting fellow at Queen’s University in Belfast

ESR Sergio Crespo enjoyed this September his secondment as visiting fellow at the Centre for Experimental Medicine in Queen’s University Belfast. Here Sergio has interacted with the researchers in different projects and exchanged technique learning.

As part as the Outreach frame of this project, Sergio presented to the institute his work within the REVAMMAD consortium. People showed pretty much interested about the multidisciplinary approach and it was a great opportunity to create network and exchange productive comments about the research scope.


After this visit, several collaborations seem to be promising and will contribute to the will of REVAMMAD in connecting research beyond frontiers.

REVAMMAD presence in ARVO Denver 2015

Four ESR (Pedro, Jeff, Georgios and Sergio) recently caught up quite far from their regular investigation environment.


ARVO is considered to be the biggest and most important event in Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, gathering scientists and clinicians from every single corner of the globe. This year, the meeting was celebrated in Denver (CO, U.S.), and therefore some our ESR didn’t miss the chance to join it.

REVAMMAD presence in the congress was possible through both, posters and oral presentations, spread among the congress days (from 2nd-7th of May). Within a purely interactive atmosphere, ESRs were able to promote networking and proactive discussion in each of their fields, same time making friends, meeting worldwide colleagues and having some fun.

DNA structure was likely discovered in a lab bench, but was in a bar where Watson and Crick had a further exploration soaked with beer.


Last weekend, on the 10-11th of April of 2015, the ESR Sergio had the chance to give a lecture to present his current research and incoming perspectives.

The Experimental Department of Ophthalmology from Charité (Berlin) has started to establish tight connections with Institut de la Vision (Paris) aiming for a close cooperation and collaboration in both clinical and basic research.

Trespassing frontiers, this interaction has turned extremely promising as the topics developed by the two partners are complementary and oriented in the same direction. Putting both teams together, the current research flow will not only become stronger but also will contribute to power up a healthy and fruitful international research collaboration.

Sergio, as other members from his lab and analogously people coming from Paris, presented during the meeting their topics, with special mention to the last and most updated results and the engineering machine and techniques that each center holds. This, we believe, has turned into a successful initial approach to find common points for further interactions and project writing.

Revammad turned also to be included in the lecture, as part of Charité’s activities and current project, calling the interest of our partners since we already approach a very multidisciplinary and international approach for Ophthalmology research.




Pro-Retina Potsdam research-colloquium (March 27th/28th, 2015) has already turned a must in the field of retinal degeneration.

Organized and supported by Pro-Retina foundation, this meeting gathers state-of-the-art experts for diagnostic advances, new mechanistic insights and progress in retina therapeutic approaches. This year, the plenary lecture was given by Prof. Steven J. Fliesler, from the University of Buffalo and with an exceptional and long career in Ophthalmological Research. All other panel of experts and speakers was equally exceptional.

Sergio Crespo, ESR 3.3., held a poster (poster entitled: Systemic influences on the integrity of the blood retina barrier: diabetes and hypertension) next to another 60 young researchers during the meeting. The poster session evening, soaked with wine and jazz music, turned to be an ideal environment for research exchange and networking. Sergio had the chance to interact with other scientist not only from Germany but from laboratories all around Europe and America. REVAMMAD, being the background story and frame of Sergio’s work, called the attention of more than one, rising the interest and praise from the audience gathered.

As foundation, Pro-Retina approaches retinal degeneration since many different focuses and not only research. The human being is the main aim and goal, so bringing REVAMMAD research to this colloquium was not only an excellent opportunity for research interaction but also contributing to a better acknowledgement of the last goal of Ophthalmological Investigation: fight blindness disease and improve the human life condition.



Twice per year, the Eye Clinic at the Charité organizes this event to catch up and update in current work all members at both Virchow Klinikum and Benjamin Franklin clinics (over 30 attendees).

The Pharma Novartis held the meeting in a central and old building at Berlin Mitte all day on Saturday 22nd of November, gathering both research and practical medicine teams.

During the first block of talks, we basic researchers presented our work to clinicians, who are far from this basic science practices in many cases. During the next blocks, they brought down the clinical research they are performing and the status in the different clinical trials running at the moment at the clinic.

The breaks worked nicely to exchange impressions between colleagues and reach to know things we ignore while other persons work behind our office wall.

In the case of Sergio, it was presented the current project he is collaborating with another REVAMMAD partner, Carlos, and all medical doctors showed extremely enthusiastic and some incoming collaborations and new ideas to be approached were mentioned.

It was definitely a satisfactorily day for training presentation skills in a friendly atmosphere at the same time that there was a fluent science exchange.

IMG_7591 IMG_7595


Anti-VEGF therapy has resulted to be one of the most effective therapies for AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) treatment, one of the leading causes of blindness in Europe. VEGF is a molecule that promotes the growth of the vessels and this, when turns out of control, causes severe problems as it is the case in the retina.

The 3rd International Scientific Meeting on VEGF as a clinically relevant molecule, symposium named as “VEGF and Beyond”, has gathered all well-known European experts in the field. The congress took place this last Saturday 08th of November of 2014 at the emblematic Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin Hörsaal Ruin (Lecture Hall Ruin). The day was scheduled in both talks and scientific interaction by a poster session, where the ESR Sergio Crespo held a poster presenting part of his project within REVAMMAD (see below).

The experience resulted satisfactory as it was a great update in the cutting-edge of the field as it was for creating a high research network for prospective collaborations.

IMG_7418    IMG_7420