Evangelia’s interview at the online magazine LamiaReport

Evangelia had recently given an interview at the online magazine LamiaReport, which is primarily addressed to the citizens of Lamia, her home town in Greece.  ‘I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to promote our work to the people of my home town and I am grateful for the appraising comments I received from them ‘, she said. The full article can be found here:  http://www.lamiareport.gr/index.php/topika/item/50046-mia-neari-lamiotissa-erevnitria-sto-eksoteriko


Evangelia and Giovanni at the EU Research Night Lights Festival 2016, organized by the University of Lincoln

On Friday 30th September 2016, Evangelia and Giovanni had the unique opportunity to engage with the public and disseminate the beneficial outcomes of their research at the EU Research Night Lights Festival 2016, organized by the University of Lincoln. The event, sponsored by the EU, had a great success and the people who approached the REVAMMAD display stand were informed about the recent advances in detection and prognosis of diabetic retinopathy with the use of mathematical and computerized models. The activity was also interactive as the people were given retinal images of various forms and color markers trying to identify lesions as well as vein and arterial vessel trees,  aiming to demonstrate the positive impact that automated techniques could have on undertaking time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.

EU research night lights_4


EU Research night Lights_2


EU Research Night Lights_1


Evangelia at the Postgraduate monthly meeting at the University of Lincoln, 2016

Evangelia Kotsiliti gave a presentation at the Postgraduate meeting organized by the School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln on 13th July 2016. There was a high volume of attendance and other postgraduate students showed their interest in the topics presented and shared their constructive comments and positive feedback.

The participation in that meeting was an opportunity to disseminate the main goals of the REVAMMAD project and individual research as was well as share views and ideas with other inspiring researchers.

Annual PGR conference 2015 at Lincoln University for Evangelia

On Thursday 26th March, I had the opportunity to display a poster at the annual Postgraduate conference at the University of Lincoln.

This year’s conference was focused on ‘Public Engagement’ where keynote speakers and workshops aimed at the effective dissemination of research to the public.

It has been a beneficial activity not only for enhancing my skills for engaging with the public, but also for receiving the constructive feedback from the other researchers.


ESR 2.5 Evangelia Kotsiliti at the Ophthalmic Imaging Association Conference 2014

A few days ago, on the 15th November I was invited to give a talk at the Ophthalmic Imaging Association (OIA) Conference which took place at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.

At the first few slides of my presentation I described the composition of the REVAMMAD network and outlined the overall aim of the project. Later on, I described the key points of my individual tasks and presented pieces of my work mainly including the construction of a simulation model to evaluate the impact of decisions in the currently implemented screening services for Diabetic Retinopathy.

At the end of my presentation people approached me with appraising comments and major interest was especially shown from people who run screening programmes and were particularly interested on how they could apply these models to evaluate their services too.

For me it has been a great opportunity to take part in this conference which attracts people stemming from different disciplines and who all deal with retinal disorders. This gave me the privilege to meet them all in one place and share our views and ideas on various topics of interest.

An invitation for the next year conference is already open and I really look forward repeating it.


oia conference_photo 2oia conference_photo 1