Georgios Interview in the annual magazine of the University of Lincoln

Georgios was invited to give an interview for inclusion in the annual magazine of the University of Lincoln, which includes every year young researchers, whose research activity played an important role within the University of Lincoln.  Recognising his contribution  on the understanding of the vascular changes that occur to the retinal geometry during the progression of diabetes before the onset of diabetic retinopathy, the interview included topics covering background information about Georgios, as well as his current career and his future plans. Every small step to the understanding of the vascular changes can have a huge impact on the early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. Well done Georgios!



Carlos Hernandez Matas at the European Researchers Night 2015

Carlos Hernandez Matas, ESR 3.4, participated again this year on the European Researchers Night that was held at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) in Heraklion, Crete. This open doors event gave the chance to hundreds of people to see in more detail the progress and achievements that researchers from the institution have managed to accomplish so far.

The REVAMMAD project managed to get a lot of attention, as it touches a topic that is very relevant for the well being of modern society, such as the prognosis and diagnosis of illnesses via the analysis of the retina.

Event flyer: REN2015-at-FORTH-3fold-eng

FORTH-ICS’ demos: REN2015-at-FORTH-eng

ERN’15 at FORTH’s webpage:


Sofie’s Thorsen Erhvervspraktik in Copenhagen University


Sofie Thorsen

Current week is the week of Erhvervspraktik for 9th grade students in Denmark when they get an experience of training in the place where they would like to continue their education/work. 15-years old Sofie Thorsen expressed the wish to spend this week working with Section of Renal and Vascular Research of Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI) in Copenhagen University. Our group prepared intensive program for Sofie’s Erhvervspraktik. She attended experiment on rat’s kidney in our lab, experiment with myograph and got a general idea about modeling of blood vessels and vascular networks.

Anastasiia Neganova gave talks about basis of Laser speckle Imaging (LSI) technique, development of vascular networks, modelling of myogenic response gradient in microvascular networks, application of LSI technique to visualization of blood flow in the rat’s retina and chick’s chorioallantoic membrane. Anastasiia also gave the talk about REVAMMAD project when she explained the main goals of the project and the ways how it works.

In the end of Erhvervspraktik, Sofie shared her impressions about this experience: “I think it was very exciting to hear about the REVAMMAD project, what it was all about and what each person is working with. After the introduction to the project Anastasiia told me generally about the vascular networks. She also told me much more about her own work with modelling – especially the part about LSI and myogenic response I found very exciting. At first it was a bit difficult for me to understand all those new words in English which I didn´t even know in Danish. But Anastasiia explained it very well so I was able to understand most of it and I learned so many new and interesting things! Besides, Anastasiia answered all my questions about being a Ph.D. student as well. Being with Anastasiia and hearing all these things about the project and how it is to write a Ph.D. has definitely made me much more interested in scientific work and I think it would be very cool if I could have the opportunity to write a Ph.D. myself in the future“.