Last weekend, on the 10-11th of April of 2015, the ESR Sergio had the chance to give a lecture to present his current research and incoming perspectives.

The Experimental Department of Ophthalmology from Charité (Berlin) has started to establish tight connections with Institut de la Vision (Paris) aiming for a close cooperation and collaboration in both clinical and basic research.

Trespassing frontiers, this interaction has turned extremely promising as the topics developed by the two partners are complementary and oriented in the same direction. Putting both teams together, the current research flow will not only become stronger but also will contribute to power up a healthy and fruitful international research collaboration.

Sergio, as other members from his lab and analogously people coming from Paris, presented during the meeting their topics, with special mention to the last and most updated results and the engineering machine and techniques that each center holds. This, we believe, has turned into a successful initial approach to find common points for further interactions and project writing.

Revammad turned also to be included in the lecture, as part of Charité’s activities and current project, calling the interest of our partners since we already approach a very multidisciplinary and international approach for Ophthalmology research.




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