Pro-Retina Potsdam research-colloquium (March 27th/28th, 2015) has already turned a must in the field of retinal degeneration.

Organized and supported by Pro-Retina foundation, this meeting gathers state-of-the-art experts for diagnostic advances, new mechanistic insights and progress in retina therapeutic approaches. This year, the plenary lecture was given by Prof. Steven J. Fliesler, from the University of Buffalo and with an exceptional and long career in Ophthalmological Research. All other panel of experts and speakers was equally exceptional.

Sergio Crespo, ESR 3.3., held a poster (poster entitled: Systemic influences on the integrity of the blood retina barrier: diabetes and hypertension) next to another 60 young researchers during the meeting. The poster session evening, soaked with wine and jazz music, turned to be an ideal environment for research exchange and networking. Sergio had the chance to interact with other scientist not only from Germany but from laboratories all around Europe and America. REVAMMAD, being the background story and frame of Sergio’s work, called the attention of more than one, rising the interest and praise from the audience gathered.

As foundation, Pro-Retina approaches retinal degeneration since many different focuses and not only research. The human being is the main aim and goal, so bringing REVAMMAD research to this colloquium was not only an excellent opportunity for research interaction but also contributing to a better acknowledgement of the last goal of Ophthalmological Investigation: fight blindness disease and improve the human life condition.