Twice per year, the Eye Clinic at the Charité organizes this event to catch up and update in current work all members at both Virchow Klinikum and Benjamin Franklin clinics (over 30 attendees).

The Pharma Novartis held the meeting in a central and old building at Berlin Mitte all day on Saturday 22nd of November, gathering both research and practical medicine teams.

During the first block of talks, we basic researchers presented our work to clinicians, who are far from this basic science practices in many cases. During the next blocks, they brought down the clinical research they are performing and the status in the different clinical trials running at the moment at the clinic.

The breaks worked nicely to exchange impressions between colleagues and reach to know things we ignore while other persons work behind our office wall.

In the case of Sergio, it was presented the current project he is collaborating with another REVAMMAD partner, Carlos, and all medical doctors showed extremely enthusiastic and some incoming collaborations and new ideas to be approached were mentioned.

It was definitely a satisfactorily day for training presentation skills in a friendly atmosphere at the same time that there was a fluent science exchange.

IMG_7591 IMG_7595


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