When it has to be with science and main public, in Spain the Science Week is a must. All over the different cities, organisations and institutes the gates do open to welcome all citizens that might have interest into science and embrace them into the main research facts, giving some hints to stimulate society interests.

Sergio Crespo, born in the Spanish city of Novelda, got an invitation by one of the main local cultural associations: the Cultural Society of Casino de Novelda. This year, in its 125th anniversary celebration it is being held the VIII Science Week (Semana de la Ciencia). Every day during a week, it is presented a topic in terms of science by a countryman. Sergio was in charge of the first one on Monday (20/10/2014), which talk was issued: REVAMMAD, New Tools for Retinal Diagnosis.





The event consisted in a guest reception, a lecture and a wine cocktail to exchange impressions and solve questions personally afterwards.

The public, of all ages, was over 70 attendees. The topic presented went from some introductory hints about the eye, through all REVAMMAD consortium goals and approaches and some practical cases to approach retinal research and diagnosis based on vascular disease features.

Local media attended to the event, now appearing as it was recorded at the local TV channel and in local newspapers and social media online (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others).


This represented an excellent opportunity for Sergio to perform a close outreach for people from the place where was born, and the experience, great for both parts.


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