Outreach Activity: Francesco Calivá at ‘Gravity Fields festival’

Gravity fields festival is one of the most important events which gather together both historical and modern British science and arts bringing together expertise from many institution. This year, the festival, inspired to Sir Isaac Newton, was set in the same location of the first edition: Grantham.

During the main event of the day one, our REVAMMAD project coordinator Professor Hunter was invited to take part to the discussion ‘Science Futures’ with the main topic: how the science is changing the world and what current science will change the way we live.

Referring to this discussion, Francesco was invited to give an interview to talk about REVAMMAD and in particular his role in this Marie Skłodowska-Curie project.

I appreciate this opportunity that I received because it was a good chance for me to explain the importance of our project. It was a very enjoyable experience.



Carlos in the Researchers’ Night at FORTH

On Friday September 26, Researchers’ Night, an event organized by the European Commission were researchers present their work to the general public, was held in many locations in Europe. One of those locations was the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), and I took advantage of it to spread the word about the REVAMMAD project.

2014-09-26 21.05.50

I set up a poster, a big screen with a slideshow, and myself to address people and help them understand the work I perform inside REVAMMAD, and why our project is important for society in general.

2014-09-26 21.07.48

My presence drew a lot of attention and interest, and I think the event was a huge success to inform the general public about what we do.


Visiting the Netherlands. The prospect of cooperation with external University.

Me and my supervisor Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen visited Neitherlands at 21th August to have a meeting with professor Ed Van Bavel who is working on mathematical modelling of vasculature.

We participated in unformal meeting in Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. I presented actual results of my current work, we discussed perspective of our possible collaboration. Now, Ed Van Bavel is associate partner in the REVAMMAD network.


Original at AMC site:

ISER San Francisco with Giovanni and Sergio

At the end of last July 2014 two of our ESR (Giovanni and Sergio) attended ISER San Francisco to present their last results in a high science level atmosphere were experts all over the world in eye research gather.

ISER (International Society for Eye Research) has committed to be worldwide one of the most reliable and prestigious societies in ophthalmology and eye research.

In a proactive science environment, all researchers were able to share experiences and the state-of-the-art in their own expertise fields. Multiple simultaneous conferences delighted all different interests and during the poster sessions there was an active communication to discuss ideas and check what’s going on in other colleagues’ departments and institutes.




Both, Giovanni Ometto and Sergio Crespo (as depicted above) were able to introduce their own projects inside REVAMMAD during the mentioned poster sessions, besides enjoying the taste of the finest wines at the close Napa and Sonoma Valleys and some of the US culture inside the city.

ISER conferences were a great opportunity for a science update, to catch up with colleagues and present new data, all with the chance to talk to big wigs in the field.