Presentation about my role in the REVAMMAD project @ Politecnico di Milano

On Friday 6 June, just before joining the second REVAMMAD workshop in Crete, I was invited by the Associazione Ingegneri Matematici to give a presentation of my work to a general public, mostly young students from Milan, at the Politecnico di Milano. This presentation was an opportunity to show one of the possible applications of mathematics and computer science to real problems. Since the audience had no experience in the field, I did not have the chance to enter into scientific details, but still I had the opportunity to explain what a Marie Curie project is and how it is organized. I also briefly explained what is the role of mathematical modelling in the eye-research and more specifically what is my task as an ESR within the REVAMMAD network.

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ESOF 2014 conference and Marie Curie Satellite event

Georgios Leontidis and Francesco Caliva took part at the ESOF 2014 conference and Marie Sklodolvska Curie Actions satellite event in Copenhagen. It is the biggest European conference and is organised every two years.

Apart from the scientific part we had the pleasure to take part in training events with other researchers around the world and meet Nobelists, CEOs from many leading industries as well as representatives from the European commission.

It was a great event and we are looking forward to taking part again in two years in Manchester.


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Journal paper for Georgios Leontidis

Georgios Leontidis successfully published a journal paper at the Informa Healthcare journal series after the invitation he had received to submit an article at the Journal of Expert review in Opthalmology.

“Our referees have now considered your paper and have recommended publication in Expert Review of Ophthalmology. We are pleased to accept your paper in its current form which will now be forwarded to the publisher for copy editing and typesetting”

IEEE EMBC 2014 for ESR 3.1 Georgios Leontidis

Georgios will be presented at the annual international conference of IEEE in Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC 2014) which is organized in Chicago, USA after the acceptance he received for his late breaking research short paper titled ” Study of the Retinal Vascular Changes in the Transition from Diabetic to Diabetic Retinopathy Eye” presenting some preliminary results.

Anastasiia about the Second REVAMMAD training event

Second REVAMMAD Training Event was placed in Crete from June 8th to June 15th, 2014. We presented our progress, listened lectures on mashine learning, modelling and data analysis. We also visited Heraclion University.

As a part of collaboration, each of us prepared the 30 min. talk with other ESR on choosen topic. Me and Piotr Chudzik prepared the presentation on “Adaptive Responses: Vessel Tone”. It brought us to work together on conceptual topic, what is  always useful for young scientist.