Roberto Annunziata ESR 2.2 at the PhD symposium 2014 held in the Dundee’s School of Computing

The Symposium is an event organized by PhD students at Dundee University’s School of Computing, where all PhD students showcase their work and ideas in an informal, friendly setting.

This year, the Symposium student presentations took place in the Wolfson Theatre on the 20th and 21st of May, in the Queen Mother Building.

This has been a great experience and a good training for improving my presentation skills. In addition, I served as session chair, a useful chance to sit on the other side of the desk.

During my presentation, I introduced the REVAMMAD project to the audience, a mixture of PhD students, researchers and lecturers coming from all research areas of the School of Computing such as satellite systems and wearable technology, other than medical image analysis. Then I moved the discussion on my current project: “Tortuosity Classification of Corneal Nerve Images”, in collaboration with our clinical partners of the Harvard Medical School.

People looked interested and I encouraged questions and discussion. 

You can find more information here. You can download a detailed schedule of the event here


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