Giovanni Ometto: Aarhus Hospital – Eye Department’s Day – May 12, 2014

As an employee of the Aarhus Hospital I have been invited at the department’s day. This event takes place every 6 months. Today the subject of the meeting is the new management principles of the hospital system in the Central Region of Denmark, which includes the eye department of the Aarhus Hospital. For some years the Danish health system has been guided by some financial and activity frameworks that the hospitals should comply with. Clinical services has been converted into values called diagnosis related groups (DRGs) and each department has to produce a specific DRG value that should increase from year to year. This operating system has, with the exception of the psychiatric field, managed to increase productivity and reduce waiting times in hospitals. However, this system also had some undesirable consequences when promoting DRG-driven clinical decisions over the professional judgment. Danish Central Region decided to test a new system taking in account the benefits for the patients in addition to the value that considers only the clinical services provided. The experiment includes selected departments in the region and runs in 2014 and 2015. Launched at the end of 2013 and based on meetings with the financial department of the region and selected department managements, the ophthalmology department  — within certain limits — was given some simple parameters on which it should be measured (the number of cancellations at the operating theatre, patient’s time from the check-in to the check-out, and the number of visits each patient at the clinic). The aim was to improve the organisation, to improve the patient’s experience, reduce the consumption of resources and to create a better working environment. However, this grading system could be further qualified by involving staff and patients with their experience. And this is what this day is dedicated to. The experience gathered from the employees of the individual teams, which can be joined to common benchmarks for the entire department, will be crucial to introduce new parameters in the ongoing monitoring of the department’s activity. Some patients have also been invited to contribute with their prospective. This talk is a creative process. Karen Ingerslev from AUH-Innovation was invited to inspire us and guide us through the day. She and the operating management team planned the program for the day.

Varna, the venue

Varna, the venue

View of the venue's setting

View of the venue’s setting

Karen Ingerslev and Prof. Bek at the Department's Day

Karen Ingerslev and Prof. Bek at the Department’s Day


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