Sergio Crespo, Interviewed by Fantasymundo’s Culture Site

ESR 3.3., Sergio Crespo, has recently attended to a Pro-Retina meeting (“Retinal Degeneration. A step back is a step forward”) placed in Potsdam, Germany. There, he held a poster presenting the last results of his research and had the chance to be interviewed by a Spanish magazine representative visiting the congress.

The interview has been published (in his mothertongue, Spanish) at FantasyMundo, an online magazine entry site. FantasyMundo is a well-known portal in Spain that gathers a big community of fans of culture and entertainment. As an online site, it is constantly and dynamically updated with the state-of-the-art in movies, TV, literature, videogames and, of course, science news.

Outreach is one of the fundamental statements to approach within the REVAMMAD project. The opportunity to talk about this project to a wide public that is not purely linked to Science, as well as his experience as a young investigator, has been a great opportunity to promote what we are doing.

Find at the following link the full written-track of the interview in Spanish. Now, Sergio’s countrymen know a bit more about what REVAMMAD´s pursues and how other personal matters work about research abroad one’s country.


Interview (in Spanish)



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