Outreach Activity: Sergio Crespo at Freie University, Berlin

ESR Sergio Crespo has been invited today (22.04.2014) to give a talk at Freie University (Berlin) inside a framework of science divulgation activities. The lecture has taken place at the Animal Behavior Department (Takustraße 6, Berlin), inside the Institute of Biology.

With an audience over 15 attendees from different disciplines, Sergio introduced them the current research studies he is approaching at the Eye Clinic at the Charité. The public found especially interesting how to use animals as models that reproduce the conditions of human diseases (such as retinopathy of prematurity, wet AMD or diabetic retinopathy), easing to approach studies that would be impossible in human due to ethical matters.

People from the department agreed into a proactive Science discussion although the presenting topic of their current work flow is far from eye research. The laboratory group, headed by Professor Scharff, is specialized in animal behaviour studies in terms of Neuroscience, a versatile approach that they conduct by studying the brain of singing birds or, in a deeper molecular level, how genes work during the process of learning a song. Nothing to do with the eye at all!

It has been extremely interesting for the ESR to share his topic with other scientists out of his area. The feedback and impressions received coming from such an interdisciplinary public has been productive and refreshing, giving a totally different perspective that the one would be expected in front of a pure ophthalmologist audience.


Due to those events, it is being possible to enter inside a dynamic outreach training that promotes both the communicative skills’ learning and the promotion of REVAMMAD project inside fields far from Ophthalmology.



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