Outreach activities: Roberto Annunziata ESR 2.2 involved in Lab views

“Sharing simple ideas from different points of view  is a key feature for moving a step forward into research”.


In the past few months, several seminars have been held here in the School of Computing, University of  Dundee, my host institution. Most of them are organised by the Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP) group I belong to and as such, every presenter is invited to take part in lab views to meet researchers.

We have hosted seminars from University College of London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Verona, etc., very good occasions to share ideas with people working on different topics of the same field. With some of these presenters I have had the possibility to present the REVAMMAD project and to discuss my current subproject. It has been a good training for presentation skills and also for obtaining useful advice to move a step forward into my own research.

Other occasions for presenting REVAMMAD projects have been a visit from a company based in Glasgow which met Dundee’s VAMPIRE group for possible collaborations.

Finally, I had the pleasure to discuss my project with doctors coming from University of Babylon, Iraq.  The team included Dr Asam Aljebory, Director of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, and Dr Safaa Hussain Aluraihy, College of Medicine. They showed much interest in such a huge project and sincerely enthusiastic for a team of researchers from many different research areas working together to prevent vision loss in the future.




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