Early Stage Researcher 1.3: Anastasiia Neganova

My name is Anastasiia Neganova, I’ve  defended my Master of Science thesis in Saratov State University (Russia) in 2012. My scientific background is biophysics and optics. Now I’m ESR 1.3 within REVAMMAD Project and my project title is “Modeling retinal arteriolar vasomotion”. I’m working on my PhD thesis in Copenhagen University under Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen supervision since October 2013.

I’ve decided to participate in REVAMMAD project because today cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are ” the number one cause of death globally” (according Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2010. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2011) and retina is really amazing subject of inquiry for investigation of different vascular mechanisms (that allow vessels auto regulate their diameter according permanently changing demands) and blood flow under normal or pathological conditions. Moreover, such educational program, which is aimed to train young scientists and help them to create new scientific communities is a great opportunity for each of us.

Main goals of my PhD:

1) Construction of a new improved macroscopic model of the vascular network

2) Assigning vascular properties characteristic for retinal vessels and construction of a virtual retinal network

3) Application of the network models to estimate hemodynamic and functional parameters

4) Simulation of arterial vasomotion in retinal networks


Copenhagen University Campus


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