Georgios Leontidis Interview in Radio Siren FM 107.3

Georgios Leontidis, ESR 3.1 Marie Curie Research Fellow was invited to give an interview at the radio Siren Fm 107,3 about the progress of the research in diagnosing Diabetic Retinopathy and talk about the importance of the research conducted. He answered clearly to all the questions from the two hosts and gave to the audience a comprehensive description of the Marie Curie framework, its importance and how it utilises the efforts that are made for revealing the “secrets” of the retinal vasculature and its changes during the progress of Diabetes mellitus. Georgios spoke about the early indications that already has about what exactly happens as the disease starts to penetrate at the retina vessels and why simulation models can be a good way of defining which direction to follow and understand the effect of the altered functional behaviour and heamodynamic parameters to the vessel structure.

You can listen to the interview from the following link.


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