Christmas Outreach In Padova

During Christmas holidays I have been back to my hometown, Padova, to spend some time with the family. Padova is also where Jeff Wigdahl has been assigned for his ESR. Jeff could not manage to get back to the USA during this time so we decided to spend Christmas together.

Having been abroad for quite a long time, every time I am back in Italy is a chance to meet all my friends and to update each other on how things are going. However, this time there was a lot to tell as I was back  from Denmark where I just started my ESR and not from the UK where I was working before. Many of my friends just know that I am a bioengineer but do not know exactly what I am doing and they have been asking a lot about it. So Jeff and I decided that we could have organised something to explain what REVAMMAD is about. And that is what we did.

With the promise of food and drink, it was easy to get everyone together.  Despite being the only engineers, the group seemed really interested and was able to follow along as we talked of the REVAMMAD programme and our specific goals within the programme.  As image processors, it is always easier to explain the ideas using images.  The difficulty lies in explaining the same thing to a computer, which we will spend the next three years figuring out.

The meeting was a success and now my friends have a better idea of what I am doing while Jeff also had the chance to meet new people in Padova.

Giovanni Ometto

outreach_revammad1   outreach_revammad2


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