Early Stage Researcher 3.1: Georgios Leontidis

My name is Georgios Leontidis and I hold the 3.1 ESR position of the Revammad project based at the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln under the supervision of the PVC professor Andrew Hunter and Dr Bashir Al Diri. The research topic for my project is the early detection and screening of Diabetic retinopathy which means that we analyze retina images of diabetic patients and healthy subjects in order to connect early changes in the vasculature with the disease of diabetic retinopathy.

The exact objectives of my project are the following:

  1. To extract geometric features from retina images from diabetic patients that progressed to diabetic retinopathy before and after the progress as well as the same for healthy subjects
  2. To connect these features with the disease of diabetes  and more specifically to the haemodynamic and functional changes that occur to the vasculature during the disease.
  3. Associate the results with some risk factors like age, gender, type of diabetes, duration of diabetes, smoking etc..
  4. Understand the changes that diabetes causes to the vessels walls and how this affect the formation of the whole vascular tree and specifically the bifurcations

Regarding my academic and research background, I hold a Diploma in Electronics Engineering and Computers and a Master of Science in Medical and Biological Informatics from the University of Athens, Greece. My research areas are Electromagnetism and RF design, Machine learning, Pattern recognition and Artificial intelligence systems. During my Master thesis I occupied myself with developing algorithms for segmenting retina images and calculating vessel’s width. This gave me the motivation to find something prestigious and relevant to continue my research. Revammad was a great opportunity for me, since I collaborate with many great researchers and experts on different fields, all working together to understand the problems of the  Retina.

At present I am working with collecting databases and analyzing images to obtain some early indications of the changes in the vasculature.

This is me and I will you updated with everything new and amazing  that we will do here in Lincoln!


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