Early Stage Researcher 2.2: Roberto Annunziata

My name is Roberto Annunziata and as Early Stage Researcher 2.2 of this European project, I will cooperate with all the other ESRs from the School of Computing of the University of Dundee, where I hold the position of Marie Curie Research Assistant.

My research interest is focused on image processing and pattern recognition for medical applications and taking part to this challenging project was the best I could ask for researching in this field. My specific role within REVAMMAD is mainly focused on developing software tools for retinal image analysis aiming at helping ophthalmologist to obtain objective measures, instead of a qualitative assessment only. To reach this purpose I will be delighted to be supervised by Professor Emanuele Trucco at the School of Computing (University of Dundee), Dr J.C.B. Jacobsen at the University of Copenhagen, Dr B. Dhillon at the Ninewells Hospital (Dundee) and OPTOS plc, a world leading Scottish company in this field.

In regards to my background, I hold a bachelor in Communications engineering and a Master of Science in Electronics and Communications engineering issued by the University of Siena (Italy) in 2010 and 2012, respectively. My thesis were both focused on image processing and pattern recognition, and the masters’ one concerns automatic retinal vessels identification from a retinal image, which gave me the first insight into the potentiality of this research field. After my graduation, I won a scholarship as Research Assistant in the lab of Image Processing at the University of Siena, where I had the pleasure to continue the research started during my thesis. After attending ARVO, an international conference in Seattle (May 2013), I came up with the idea that this would have been what I really wanted to do in the future: research! 

REVAMMAD was the only project which really matched my needs and my ambition, being a network of young and experienced researchers at the same time. Furthermore, it provides a huge training and gives, really, the possibility to grow up as researcher attending the best conferences in the world in my research fields.

Finally, I am firmly convinced that great ideas can only come from sharing good ideas and REVAMMAD is a great opportunity for sharing these ideas.


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