1st Revammad Workshop – University of Lincoln

The great thing of participating in a Marie Curie project is the chance that you are given to meet young researchers who have all the motivation to do great things and at the same time some of the most important senior and experienced researchers who work at this field for decades, being eager to share their experiences and knowledge with everybody. 

Such an opportunity we had at our 1st workshop which was held on Lincoln,UK from the 25th of November until 6th of December, hosted by the University of Lincoln, the coordinator of the Revammad project.

It was the first time that all the researchers met together and had the change to get to know each other and speak about the individual projects. The Workshop included many training sessions from partners of the project. The topics that were discussed were Microcirculation and modelling, Retina anatomy and physiology, Diseases like diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, Macular degenaration, retinopathy of prematurity, Algorithmic approaches for segmenting the retina images and extracting geometric features, as well as more general topics like engaging with public and organizing the research in a more efficient way.

These two weeks included some other activities like a one day trip to York city which make us socialize in a better way, as well as a couple of dinners and of course bowling games!!! Our time during this period was great and all of us are looking forward to attending the next 2nd Workshop from 8-15 June in Crete, GreeceImage


Georgios Leontidis, ESR 3.1


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